Border Terrier Paperweight
Our latest addition to the dog paperweight range is introduced by popular demand. We are always being asked for new breeds to be sculpted. Hope you find this one appealing. This charming Border terrier looks ready to take instruction. If...
Mother and Child Elephant Paperweight
This inspirational duo encapsulate the heart of Africa and are wonderful newcomers to our 'Exotics' range. Colourway shown Tan with a Red label. H12 x W18.5 x D12.5 cm
Congo Lion Paperweight
Congo Lion Bronzed Paperweight H22 x W26.5 x D21 cm
Scottie Dog Paperweight
A delightful hand crafted Scottie Dog in a playful pose mounted on a faux book base. H6.5 x W15.5 x D10 cm
Elephant Paperweight
We are gradually developing an 'Exotics' range adding a solitary elephant to the existing rhino and tiger paperweights - but that's not all - look out for our new Elephant and Baby paperweight also. These paperweights build up into a...
Mouse Double Book Paperweight
A tiny mouse on a double book paperweight. Colour way shown is Tan Spine with a Red label (& cover) H9 x W11 x D7 cm
Owl Paperweight
One of our favourite suppliers asked if we could create some owl items – this little owl paperweight was one of them. A little wise owl, perfect for keeping papers tidy. H9 x W13.5 x D11.5 cm
Staffie Paperweight
Created by a local sculptor in response to a request from one of our long standing suppliers, this staffie paperweight is of special appeal to owners of this breed. H10 x W16 x D13.5 cm
Dachshund Paperweight
A dachshund sits on a book to form this paperweight. Colour way shown is Red with a Black label. H10.5 x W16 x D9 cm
Labrador Paperweight
A labrador lies down on a book to form this paperweight. H10 x W16 x D6 cm
Boxer Paperweight
A boxer sits on a book to form this paperweight. H8 x W18.5 x D12.5 cm
Spaniel Book Paperweight
A spaniel sits on a book to form this paperweight. H8.5 x W18.5 x D12.5 cm
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