Book Ends

Book Ends

Our range of bookends is gradually enhanced as years go by adding new items to the range as we come across interesting and unusual artefacts.

For those preferring an understated look, our plain book ends are faithful replicas of original leatherbound books and add interest and charm to any book collection.

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Aircraft dial bookends
Authentic aircraft dials are incorporated in these wacky bookends. Ideal for an enthusiast or as a g..
Ex Tax: £102.08
Owl Bookends
Two wise owls watch over your books for you – held securely by these ‘L’ shaped bo..
Ex Tax: £102.08
Book Ends Small Pair
The smaller version of our upright bookends slips onto the end of a row of books and seamlessly hold..
Ex Tax: £68.75
Bookends Large Pair
These large bookends slip on to the end of a row of books and seamlessly hold them all together. ..
Ex Tax: £81.25
Bronze Metal Lion Bookends
These real metal bookends are very attractive and extremely durable. ..
Ex Tax: £68.75
Bulldog Head Bookends
Quintessentially English. These bulldog bookends are an addition to the range which has a broad appe..
Ex Tax: £82.50
Double Book Ends Pair
These are a more substantial pair of bookends. Giving a pair of faux books to flank each end. ..
Ex Tax: £89.58
Fishing Bookends
A great present for the fisherman in your life, these bookends have a classic reel and line set on e..
Ex Tax: £125.00
Hippo Bookends Pair
These hippos have taken time off wallowing in the mud to hold up your books. They are in a bronze fi..
Ex Tax: £102.08
Horse Bookends Pair
A fine pair of black horses mount these faux book bookends keeping your books upright with style and..
Ex Tax: £102.08
Labrador Book Ends (Pair)
Click here to view a video of this product. Commissioned from a local Cotswold artist, these beau..
Ex Tax: £102.08
Setter on Molieres Bookends
The rich warmth of colour of these setters shines through to catch the light on this pair of bookend..
Ex Tax: £79.17